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UAC Rules 2023

Ultimate Achiever Challenge - Rules and Regulations



  1. Email will be used for correspondence with challengers. Please check your inbox regularly.

  2. Pick one of four available packages.  If you are not a member, these packages cover all membership fees for the duration of the competition and are considered a Paid In Full membership (PIF) that last until your final weigh-in.

  3. Copper, Silver, and Gold packages includes all classes and gym access.

  4. Must do initial weigh-in and final weigh-in to qualify prize winnings.

  5. Finals Party will be Friday, April 21st, 2023 in the Annex. No charge for challengers and one guest allowed.  Guest must pay $10 for dinner.

  6. There is 1 Grand Prize categories for both male and female to win; Body Composition Change. Additional awards will include the Apollo/Athena Award. How you place in each category determines the overall winner.

  7. Body Composition:  Total body fat % lost + lean tissue gained.

  8. Athena/Apollo Award:  4 Non-Bias Judges score on a premade score card.  Best total wins.

  9. Weigh-ins will be done on the In-Body machine.  You must follow the pre-test protocol in order to get the best reading.  (See registration sheet for dates).

  10. Initial and final weigh-in and photo must be complete to qualify for the overall Grand Prize of

$1000. You may be a category winner without photo, but not the Grand Prize winner.

  1. Photos are for judging only. They will not be used otherwise, without the owner’s permission. Permission will be asked after final photos are taken.  YOU MAY DECLINE.

  2. Picture uniform must be shorts and a tank top or sports bra.  Try to wear exactly what you wore for your initial photo at the final.  Remember the change at the end will be a big determining factor for the Athena/Apollo judging format.

  3. No Refunds on packages after purchase.

  4. All dates and deadlines for UAC11 are your responsibility to adhere to, if circumstances arise that cause you to miss certain dates, notify Achieve Management.

  5. Any contestant actions deemed unhealthy or detrimental to the body will forfeit their chance of winning the Grand Prize.  This will be determined if needed by the management team.  No cheating!

  6. No coupons or other special offers may be used to pay for competition registration.

  7. Owner, General Manager and Fitness Manager have sole discretion over the interpretation of all rules and regulations. Also, anything not covered by the above rules will be decided at the time of need by the owner/managers.

  8. Achieve Health and Fitness urges you to obtain a thorough physical exam before starting any type of exercise program.

  9. Achieve Health and Fitness makes this challenge as fair as possible and has no bias when determining the winners.

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