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Client Testimonials

What brought me to Achieve was hearing others talk about how much they loved classes and trainers.  I needed a more upbeat gym to achieve my goals.  Classes always push you to the limit with the help from trainers to critique your form and give you different variations of exercise from beginners to advanced.


Who made the biggest difference in my journey?  By far Ryan Watson has made me more confident mentally and physically!  I just love coming to Achieve to workout because of the environment and people.  The staff is wonderful and the people in classes are very encouraging!  Amy S

Working out at Achieve has been very good for me.  Last year I made a big change in my lifestyle and eating habits and that change was supported by the staff at Achieve.  Playing tennis is hard on my body and because of the training and workouts here at Achieve, I am in better shape than ever to be competitive on the court.  Losing some weight made a huge difference in the arthritis in my knees and not having that knee pain makes me happier.  My focus has been more directed because of the help of my trainer, Taylor.  I don't have to work out longer but when I am working out I need to give it my full attention.  As I get older, I realize that working out is not an option.  It's keeping me younger and will give me the best life in my years to come. 

Currently the theme for the Ultimate Achiever Challenge is "Who will you inspire?"  I have to say the inspirational people at the gym to me are the older members who are there most mornings, keeping at it, continuing to move and holding Father Time at bay.  I'm a little like Peter Pan and don't want to grow old.  Taking the best care of my physical body is a gift of self love.  Thank you Achieve for being here in Yakima.  Cynthia K


I never liked the gym.  I always felt out of place... until Achieve Health & Fitness.  Since day one, when I walked through the doors, I was greeted like I was part of a family.  The Achieve staff & trainers are like a big family and they treat you like you are also part of that family. 


I have taken several different classes with at least half of the trainers.  They are always helpful with injury modifications and very patient with people like me who are coordinated/balanced challenged. 


Everyone is friendly and always say the right things to keep me motivated.  They push just enough to get you to challenge yourself but keep a watchful eye on you, so you do not injure yourself.  I now love going to the gym.  A very big & grateful thank you to all the Achieve staff and trainers!  Michelle H

I was a cardio junkie, never lifted weights until I had kids.  My body was completely different, so I knew I needed to change my workout routine.  I started with the H.I.I.T classes because they were short and sweet plus I got an amazing workout.  Then I wanted more so I began personal training with Ryan Watson.  He introduced me to heavy lifting paired with dynamic training and I have never looked back.  He is extremely patient and knowledgeable on proper from and technique.  He continued to push me and design new programs for me to reach my goals.  I have been training with Ryan for a year and have never been in better shape.  Tori R

I was invited to Achieve by my friends and co-workers.  The goal was and is to achieve my fitness level and improve my health.  

I like having the opportunity to work one on one with the trainers.  Whitney has been very good at keeping me on task, motivating me to be better and challenging me to reach my potential.  The entire staff has been great, but Whitney has been a phenomenal trainer.

I am a former athlete whose injuries and demanding occupational duties have kept me from being consistent in the gym.  Achieve has been a place where I can make my fitness a priority and the staff offer constant encouragement.  With the help of the staff, great equipment, and 24-hour access, I can be a better me.  Jon M

What brought me to Achieve was the atmosphere.  It was small and for someone with gym anxiety, it felt like I could make it here.

The greatest and most helpful aspect of Achieve with reaching my goal of getting stronger and feeling better is the access to my personal trainer, Whitney.  

Whitney is a Godsend and is my person at Achieve.  At the beginning, she asked what kind of workouts I liked.  "A variety", I said.  I don't think we have done the same workout twice.  She has so many ways of challenging me and pushing me just enough for me to do my best.  After one year, she informed me of the amazing progress I made, which was even more motivating to me.

The most significant measure of my progress was late last year when we built a shed.  I held a framing nailer over my head to get parts of it done, and I was told it was obvious that my core strength had improved as I couldn't have done that before.  That made me feel good!!!!

Achieve has been the place where for the first time in my life, at age 60, I was able to stick with exercise and wellness.  I am in for life!!!  Thanks to all of you who are so friendly and supportive to folks like me!  Nikki R

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