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Main Classroom

This room is ideal for functional work outs. You will have tons of space on a huge rubber mat for classes and your individual workouts. Plus, a weight section that has tons of free weights, a universal cable system, a guided rack for squats and presses of all kinds, and many other resistant equipment pieces to easily meet your needs. HAVE FUN!!

The Annex offers a wide array of classes. We strive to provide members with the most challenging and effective Group Fitness programs. 

The best part about taking part in group classes is you get fit, stay social, and have fun! Our team of instructors will lead you through a variety of coaching styles that will help keep each workout new and motivating.

The Annex


In a hurry? Not a problem. Get in and get out by using our well maintained showers and changing area. That way you don’t have to consider a long trip home and back to get in a work out.

Don't worry Parents! We offer you a great place for kids to play while you get your focused training time.


Monday - Thursday  9 am - 1 pm and 4 pm -8 pm

Friday  -                          9 am - 1 pm and 4 pm -6 pm

Saturday -                      9 am - 11 am

Sunday -                         Closed


Kid's Room

Smoothie Bar

Complete your workout experience with a refreshment from our smoothie bar. Plus, add to a good work out with a large assortment of supplements for pre and post work outs.

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